Agape Senior New Hired Employees Learn About Dementia

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Agape Senior provides integrated health services to seniors throughout South Carolina. And part of that commitment is to constantly learn more about Alzheimer’s or like Dementias and teach the community about this disease. All Agape Seniors new hired employees begin with attending “Understanding Dementia” training. I had the pleasure of presenting this informative training to new hired employees twice in January. I had new hired employees from all positions (NPs, CNAs, dieticians, RNs, etc.) within the company that all play an important role in caring for our seniors in our facilities and in the community.

Agape Primary Care Dr. Jonathan Liu, M.D. Rock Hill SC

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Jonathan Liu, M.D.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. In 1999 I obtained my Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from the Dr. William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. In 2004 I received my Doctor of Medicine from East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine in Greenville, NC.

I completed residency training as a Primary Podiatric Medical Resident (PPMR) at the Department of Veterans Administration Medical Center in 2000. I also was a resident at Spartanburg Regional Medical Center and completed the program in Family Medicine in 2008. For the next two years I served as a community family physician in Richburg, SC. I joined Agapé Primary Care in 2010.

In my spare time, I enjoy long walks, swimming, and reading. I am married and enjoy good times with our two children.

I am proud to be a member of the medical team of the Piedmont practice of Agapé Primary Care. I look forward to being a part of your family’s medical team.

AgapePrimary Care-Rock Hill, SC

At Agapé Primary Care, we understand the importance of choosing the right primary care physician who can meet you and your family's needs now and in the future.That’s why our physicians’ practice is designed around the needs of today's patients with easy access for making appointments, obtaining medication re-fills, reviewing lab results, and more. Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, Tega Cay, Lake Wyle, South Charlotte.




Baby Boomers not as Healthy as Previous Generation

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It is an interesting phenomenon to note that the Baby Boom generation, which is considered to be persons born between1946 and 1964, has according to many reliable reports significantly more health issues when compared with the previous generation. This finding is somewhat surprising when you consider all of the healthy lifestyle choices that have been available for this generation.


According to one report, an info-graphic put together by Concordia University that used data from government sources showed significantly higher rates of many common diseases over the previous generation. In the report there was an increase in diabetes of 46%, an increase in hypertension of 38% and an increase in obesity of 10%.


The projection for healthcare providers in the near future shows that by the year 2020 there will be an additional 5.6 million healthcare jobs created as the Baby Boom generation moves through the aging process. Primary care doctors that are currently treating our senior population will be well equipped to handle this new wave of aging Boomers.


One of the challenges for anyone with health issues is having someone coordinate all of the care required when seeing multiple specialists during a disease or injury process.  A primary care doctor who has experience and knowledge about the aging process will be invaluable in helping with that overall care.


Coordination of care from the stand-point of viewing a patient as a whole person and not just someone with a particular problem should ultimately help the Baby Boom generation gain a higher level of satisfaction with the healthcare delivery process as they age.




Columbia Main Street Location is New Home for Dr. Robinson

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William K. Robinson, M.D.

With over thirty years of practicing General Internal Medicine, William K. Robinson, MD continues to serve the senior community and plans to for many years to come.  Dr. Robinson’s mission within Agapé Primary Care is to help his patients realize that they all have the capacity to heal themselves of many of the illnesses that life brings - embracing the philosophy of healing at all levels of being: body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Robinson is a distinguished professional that strives for excellence in his field as proven by his nomination into the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society that recognizes and advocates those who exceed the standard of professionalism, scholarship, leadership, and service in the profession of medicine.Dr. Robinson received his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University before attending LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans for medical school, and completed his residency at the William Beaumont Army Medial Center in El Paso.  Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Robinson now resides in Columbia with his wife Ann with whom he has three grown children - Amy, Laura, and Scott. In his free time, Dr. Robinson enjoys reading, writing, and looking for opportunities to try new things.

Agape Primary Care

1614 C Main Street

Columbia, SC 29201


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Meet the Doctors and Providers of Agape Primary Care

Indian Land Primary Care - 55+ Weight Loss Specialist

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Indian Land Primary Care - 55+ Weight Loss Specialist

Seniors may find it tough to lose weight and easier to gain because they burn fewer calories the young.


It's time for some straight talk: You weigh more than you did ten years ago, or even five years ago. The extra pounds didn't arrive all at once but accumulated gradually before you even realized they were climbing on board. Now you're looking at some serious extra poundage. But that's to be expected as you get older, right? Wrong.


Putting on excess weight is very common for a number of reasons that we'll explain. But it's not an inevitable part of the aging process, and it could put your health at risk. If you understand why you tend to gain weight more easily as you get older, you can do something about it.


You can blame a lot of your weight gain on your metabolism. Beginning as early as your mid-twenties, body fat begins to increase while muscle mass decreases. And less muscle mass translates into a slower metabolic rate.


Muscle mass decreases from about 45 percent of your total body weight in your youth to about 27 percent by the time you reach age 70. And the drop in hormones that accompanies menopause also precipitates a decrease in muscle mass, triggering even more weight gain for women. Your body fat, meanwhile, can double, even if your weight remains the same.


The bottom line is that you burn fewer calories in your 50s, 60s, or 70s doing the same activities, and the same number of them, that you did in your 20s, 30s, or 40s. The key to preventing weight gain is to compensate by adjusting your food intake, exercising, and generally becoming more physically active.


Now that you have made the decision to lose weight, it's time to figure how much weight you need to lose. 

Get involved and work towards achieving your goals in fitness and nutrition with your family here at Agape Senior!



Agape Health and Wellness


Address: 6251 Carolina Commons

Indian Land ,SC 



Agape Primary Care Rock Hill Brings Back the House Call

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Primary care physician's working for Agape Senior in the Rock Hill area are dedicated to making the delivery of health care convenient for patients and families. Often children of senior adults will need to arrange for time  off from work to transport an aging parent to a medical appointment or routine office visit.


Bringing health care services into the home has many benefits for both the patient and family member acting as primary caregiver.


The senior can now have professional care in the comfort of their home which can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with going to a traditional office or clinic.


The doctor will have an opportunity to develop a better relationship with the patient in the home setting as opposed to a typical office atmosphere where the doctor is often over scheduled.


 The doctor will also have the opportunity to observe the patient in his/her own environment and may be able to offer suggestions to improve quality of life in that setting.


Labs can be drawn on-site and the visit can be billed to Medicare and most private insurance companies the same as any other doctor appointment. There is no extra charge for this in-home service.


In addition to the convenience of the in-home visit, Agape primary Care offers an online patient portal for family members where notes and prescriptions can be reviewed from the appointment.


For more information about in-home service for you or a loved one, please contact Agape Primary Care at

(803) 207-8200 

visit us online Rock Hill Primary Care


Agape Primary Care Meet and Greet at Pebble Creek Independent Senior Living Apartment Complex

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On December 12th, 2013, Melissa May-Engel presented to the residents of Pebble Creek Independent Senior Living Apartment Complex the benefits of Agape Primary Care. APC makes house calls and is a huge believer of preventive doctor’s appointments not just going to doctor when you are sick. Agape Primary Care will come to their complex for appointments. Any facility interested in getting more information on this exciting opportunity please contact our Community Liaison, Tabitha Smith at 803-331-2927.

A Gift for your Family

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As we enter the Christmas season, busy choosing the perfect gifts for friends and family, there is one gift that should not be overlooked:

FIVE WISHES, a product of Aging with Dignity, is a small and simple book that helps a person spell out his/her wishes for end of life issues. What better gift to give your family members than to leave no health care issue unaddressed when you are unable to speak for yourself?


FIVE WISHES is the first living will that addresses personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well as medical wishes. It lets you say exactly how you wish to be treated if you get seriously ill. It was written with the help of the American Bar Association's Commission on Law and Aging and the nation's leading experts in end-of-life care.


Inspired by Jim Towey's work with Mother Teresa, this simple book of questions have been featured on CNN, the Today Show and in TIme and Money magazines.


What is covered:

1. Who I want to make care decision for me when I can't

2. The kind of medical treatment I want or don't want

3. How comfortable I want to be

4. How I want people to treat me

5. What I want my loved ones to know

   as well as any additional information a person wants loved ones to know. This is a legal document once witnessed and notorized.


Agape Senior is happy to host workshops on completing the FIVE WISHES booklet to civic, church and other community organizations. Please call the Agape Hospice of the Lowcountry office in North Charleston at 843-553-7122 for more information or to schedule a workshop for your group.

Agape Primary Care 12 Mile Creek West Columbia, SC

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Choosing a doctor for you and your loved ones is one of the most important decisions you will make. This is not a decision to take lightly. You need to choose the right doctor you can trust, and who will meet your needs.  We understand the importance of choosing the right primary care physician who can meet your needs and who isaffordable with easy access. 

That’s why we created Agapé Primary Care and are now expanding our network of physicians, practitioners, and practices across South Carolina.  We saw a need to create physicians’ practices designed around the needs of patients of all ages with easy access for making appointments and affordable rates.  Our medical professionals have the training,experience, knowledge, and most importantly, the compassion to provide the care that is appropriate to each of your individual needs.


Our newest office, Agapé Primary Care at Twelve Mile Creek Family Practice opened near Lexington SC. This, like all our Primary Care practices, is an integral part of the Agapé Senior family of healthcare companies providing physician and nurse practitioner care to serve our patients’ medical and health needs. 


The Twelve Mile Creek practice is unique in the Agapé Primary Care network for being a Family Medicine practice, and for its innovative E-Visit system.  As a physician practice specializing in Family Medicine, their goal is to provide total family care so that most of our families’ health care needs will be met by this location.

What sets Agapé Primary Care apart, and especially our Twelve Mile Creek Family Medicine practice, is first, if our patients are traveling in-state, they can be seen at any of our eight Agapé Primary Care offices across South Carolina with each office having access to their health information.

For Twelve Mile Creek patients traveling outside of the state experiencing a non-life threatening health issue, they can have their own physician evaluate their symptoms by using our E-Visit via a computer from anywhere in the world.  Patients can use the E-Visit virtual office visit feature to provide their own doctor with a description of their symptoms and relevant medical history without having to visit an urgent care or walk-in clinic that has no history of our patients.  Our practice will assess their condition and provide an appropriate treatment plan that may include prescribed medication.

Doctors Allen R. Wenner, M.D. and James O. Williams, M.D.,along with Nurse Practitioner Dana Smith, are ready to serve your family’s needs at our Twelve Mile Creek Family Practice. They, like all Agapé Primary Care medical providers, aim to improve the lives of patients and their families in a variety of ways. For Dr. Allen Wenner, this entails educating patients to take care of their bodies and prevent or cure their illness.  Dr. James O. Williams, Jr.’s specialty in Family  brings an unprecedented focus to the family spirit that fuels patient relationships.  Both are advocates for advancing technology to enhance the efficiency, quality, and access in sharing information to improve patient care.

With the knowledge and proper care, patients at Agapé learn to better their lives through our physicians’ guidance by practicing quality medicine, not quantity medicine.


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