Agape re-admission thoughts

Posted by richard mccuen on January 26, 2014 at 12:05 AM

On Thursday January 23, one of our nurses, a medical director, and myself visited with a Agape Hospice patient that had been hospitalized for several weeks, which caused his temporary revocation of our services. After meeting with this charming 86 year cancer patient, our medical director determined in a face to face evaluation that he was still appropriate for Agape's Hospice care. The Agape nurse that went with us had perviously been assigned to this gentleman, and their reunion was something to warm the heart. The patient was very happy to have her back for his primary RN care with Agape. The family stated that "he had missed her".  This is what Agape Hospice does, and what we pride ourselves on, patient care, compassion, and comfort.  

This gentleman, suffering from cancer, and likely near the end of life, was thrilled to have our nurse back for his care. It takes a special person to be on the front lines of Hospice patient care. 

Richard McCuen


Agape Senior North Charleston 

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