White women are more likely to have Breast cancer-- Black women more likely to die from it!

Posted by Travise Smith on October 7, 2014 at 10:10 AM

My paternal grandmother died from breast cancer--she was black! As a black woman or the more politically correct word-- African American- I must educate myself about the facts. I am 23 days from turning 41 and have been getting my mammograms for years-- both because I have a fabulous OBGYN and because I have to be my own ADVOCATE!

Know the facts, share the facts and stay up to date on the facts!

 Who Gets Breast Cancer? Age is a Major Factor.

A woman’s chance of getting breast cancer increases with age. At 40 a woman has a 1 in 69 chance of developing breast cancer in the next 10 years. At the age of 70, that chance increases to 1 in 27. Up to age 85, the chance increases even more to 1 in 8.

1.White women are more likely to get breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group.

2. African American women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.

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