Why do volunteers give of their time?

Posted by Bryan on May 22, 2014 at 11:05 AM

Why do volunteers give of their time? Heartfelt words from an Aiken volunteer:

"I love older people. I’ve always gravitated towards them. I adored my grandparents and marvel at all the adversity they had to overcome and the wisdom they had and fortitude to carry on in life. They have life skills to teach to our generation if we’d only listen. The journey homeward should not be made alone without family and I think that is what hospice teaches and lives. It’s the total trust to take the people on their homeward journey. I have hands that are willing and a heart to love anyone and that sums it all up. God given. Love.

When something happens to my patient, I will be crushed by her absence but glad to know where she will rest. Then you’ll give me another one to love and care for."


Categories: Hospice Care

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