VA "Aid and Attedance" Seminar at Shadow Oaks

Posted by Bryan on June 11, 2014 at 9:00 AM

VA Aid and Attendance Seminar, what is it and why do many not know about it? Agape develops community seminars throughout the state to reach Veterans and their surviving spouses about this benefit. Although we are not affiliated with the VA, we do feel it is important to educate Veterans in our area to gain the funding they deserve if they meet the pre qualifiers. Most Veterans are completely unaware of this little known benefit. Some it for the Veteran or spouse can be as much as $2085.00 per month "Tax Free". It is important to educate them on this because only 27% of Veterans and 14% of surviving spouses receive this benefit from the VA so Agape has made it a priority to educate all we can in the state of South Carolina. Please call Agape Senior for more information and the next seminar in your area.

Categories: Hospice Care

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