Helping Senior Clients with Home Inspection Reports

Posted by Joe B. Nester on March 9, 2015 at 5:40 AM

A home inspection is something a lot of senior clients have never dealt with before and sometimes the reports can be intimidating when first encountered. Home inspectors are almost always hired by the prospective purchaser of a home and his/her job is to give a true and accurate snapshot of the current condition of the property and to point out any existing or potential problems he/she sees with the home.

Once the purchaser has the report they decide which repairs are important to them and with the help of their realtor put together an addendum that lists the repairs they want the seller to complete.


What is confusing for sellers is that some of the items on the report can be problems they never knew existed. Every home, and especially older homes have hundreds of opportunities for problems when you start to add up the number of plumbing connections, electrical connections and areas where the elements, wildlife and insects are attempting to gain access.


The key to deciphering a inspection report, estimating costs and organizing a plan of attack is to have a good licensed contractor that is familiar with real estate repairs and building codes associated with a home.


Once the addendum is received by the seller the number of requested repairs can be broken down into simpler tasks and sometimes even eliminated after an evaluation onsite. After that process the cost estimates and actual repairs that need to be made may end up being less intimidating then first thought.

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